Asus Laptop Repair & Service


Asus Laptop Repair And Service

Asus Laptop Repair/service  in Delhi NCR, a professional Laptop repair company, in Delhi ncr offers a comprehensive range of Asus laptop repair and upgrade services along with friendly customer service. Our team of experienced technicians and hardware engineers can repair, service and upgrade laptop computers both locally and nationwide for residential users and business clients. We can have your laptop problems fixed in less than a day and at times while you wait.

We guarantee quality service and professional workmanship at a very competitive price

Asus Laptop Diagnosis

We will first diagnose your laptop’s problem and contact you with your options. We will always attempt to repair your existing parts before just replacing them, but if you do need parts replaced, we already have them in stock.

Examples of common problems we repair everyday

Laptop Screen Problems

LCD screen is blank

Inverter install and replacement

Cracked laptop LCD screen

LCD screen has lines

Dim or faint image on screen

Board Level Component Repair

Loose or damaged ports (NIC, audio ports)

Please contact us to confirm that we can perform this repair on your laptop.

DC power jack repair

Power Problems

Does not power on

Does not charge battery

No power at all

Loose power port

Lights comes on for a few seconds then the laptop turns back off

Cosmetic Cracking

Cracked plastic casing

Full cosmetic refurbishing

LCD back cover replacement

Bottom base replacement

Keyboard Replacement


Asus OEM Windows Restore

Windows Installation

viruses, spy-ware, and mal-ware removal

Laptop Upgrades

Install Memory, Hard Drives, Video Cards

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