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File systems Supported – FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HPFS, NFS, NSS, HFS, HFS , UFS, JFS, NWFS, VxFS, ZFS, ext2, ext3

If you can’t bring in your computer to our shop, don’t worry we’ll come to you, pick it up and bring it back fixed!

OM IT Services, provides professional data recovery services both from physical and logical crashes. Our professional team recover all types of loss, corrupt and deleted data from storage media and systems including hard drives, diskettes, tape, USB flash and digital media data storage. The delivery of expert data recovery, disaster recovery, crashed hard disk recovery, server recovery and file recovery services continues to be our one and only area of concern.

Not everyone is aware that files can be restored after they are deleted. Deleting from the recycle bin produces a window stating, “Are you sure you want to permanently delete this file?” giving the user a false sense of security. Data recovery tools are helpful to those who have erased something by mistake, as there is no “Undo” button when it comes to deleting files.

We offer Data Recovery Services like :

Deleted files and lost data from hard drives, MMC and all types of storage Device

Data lost from the corrupt files

Corrupt or lost Emails

Corrupt Backup files

Corrupt servers

Corrupt Databases

Lost or forgotten passwords

It’s important to be well informed on how to face a data loss situation and to minimize the risk by not aggravating the problem.

  • Don’t use recovery tools.
  • Don’t restart the machine several times.
  • Don’t open the media and try to repair.

We support almost every data storage media ranging from hard disk, pen drive, optical media, zip drive, flash memory, magnetic film and disks, laptops, cell phones and many more other devices that could store data.

We provides FREE evaluation for our customers and adopt “”No Data, No Charge”” policy to ensure that the customers only pay for the desired data recovered. If we are not able to recover your target data, you do not have to pay a cent

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